Blagovesta House

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Ideally situated to exploring the Pirin mountain, guest house "Blagovesta" is located in the small picturesque village Ilindentsi. The guest house offers 6 well-equipped and spacious double rooms and 6 triple rooms. Each of them has a private shower and toilet, cable TV and air conditioner. Ten of the rooms benefit from access to a private terrace, overlooking the mythical "Kitcher" hill and the beautiful grey-white rocks surrounding the village . The common dining and living room/up to 25 sitting places/ are air-conditioned and have internet access. The guest house has available refrigerator, TV, wine-cellar with up to 10 sitting place, veranda with a splendid view overlooking all of the mountains in the Southern west of Bulgaria , an inside dining yard together with a small modern equipped kitchen room. Located in the generally warmer throughout the year Southern-west part of Bulgaria, the guest house “Blagovesta” resides in Ilindentzy village, right in the foot of the majestic Pirin mountain. The village is approximately 16 km north-east from the city of Sandanski and only 3 km from the municipal centre Strumyani, in the Blagoevgrad region.  The elevation of the village varies from 700 to 999 meters above the sea level. It is surrounded by splendid limestone rocks that have given the ancient name of the village – “Belitsa”. Thanks to its geographical location, the climate has been proven to benefit people with asthma and respiratory problems.  The cool and refreshing air streaming from the mountain, the quietness and peacefulness springing from the surrounding green fields as well as the village’s emblematic vineyards have surely charmed well back in the past the Ottoman bay, who was the first to settle in the area. Full of mystical legends and stories, the Ilindentzy village must be visited to bestow its beauty and charm upon its visitor, accompanied with a homemade wine and white Keratzuda wine, which is made only in the region.


An open-air sculptural marble park, occupying the surrounding hills, recreating the inspiration of artists from Japan, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria and many other countries. On an annual basis, the park undergoes a process of further expansion managed by the “Art center Ilindentsi” foundation, chaired by mr.Ivan Rusev. Every year, among the unique combination between nature, stone and artistic masterpieces , the Marble town of arts creates a specific atmosphere for many artist to show ant to perform their arts for the audience . An open-air marble amphitheater with 300 sitting places, “singing” stones , a cave with remains from 60 million years old river are only the part of all the masterpieces based in this unique marble park.
1. Rozhen monastery
The nativity of St.Vergine
2. Vanga’s temple 
in the Rupite area, 30 km away from Ilindentsi.
3. Chapel and holy spring
with a “healing water”, that is famous for its ability to improve one’s sight. It is located in “Zandanite”site near above the Ilindentsi village.
4. Church „St. George the Conqueror”,
in Mikrevo village, 5 km away from Ilindentsi.The church was built in 1928 and there are two operating preasts – the first one Ivan Pankovski and the second one Vasil Kotev.
5. The architectural reserve -
city of Melnik with incredible sandy pyramids.It is located around 50 km. away from Ilindentsi.
6. Church „Saint Marina”
located right in the village centre, build over an ancient Turkish bath.
7. Eco trail Zadlak
which is overpassing through the open-air sculptural park.
8. ”Zandanite” landmarks
/above Ilindentzy village/are natural chalk rocks which have been used as a natural prison for Bulgarians in the times of Ottoman rule .
9. Historical museum in Strumyani
/3 km away from Ilindentsi/, possessing a rich collection of documents, national dresses, tools, coins and other antiques from the region. Official opening ceremony after last renovation in October 2014.
10. Neolitical settlement in Masovets area
in front of Ilindentzy village and remainings of ancient villages, fortified walls, consecrated grounds, caves and other ancient artifacts awaiting to be discovered.

Festivals and feasts

1. St. Trifon’s day
is celebrated on the 1st and 14th of February to commemorate the day of wine. 
2. The flat sausage feast
That is being organized as a “local meetings”, accompanied with music, gathers old friends to eat pork sausages and dark red wine in the winter months. 
3. Annual sculptural symposium
That grows every year to create artistic stone figures and converts the village into a snow-white marble city.
4. A wine feast
taking place every first Saturday in February, welcoming many guests from far and away. On that day, the Greek god Dionysus, specially dressed for the event and accompanied by his young followers, comes down from the mountain. Accompanied with music, dances and celebration, a committee awards the best wine produced in the previous year.
5. An annual village fair
Taking place on every the 2nd of August, when in a 3 day long festive atmosphere, every member of the village along with their descendents gather around to celebrate their common ties and relationship.